Claire Story

Ever since being in school, organisation and a challenge are two things I have always enjoyed so it was no wonder I followed a career path that encompassed both.

For over a decade I have provided support for all kinds of busy people in demanding positions and using these skills, I have helped relieve some of the stress for those clients that come from overwhelming workloads and tasks. Seeing a challenging task and working efficiently to save the client money and give the end result desired all while quietly working in the background is what makes me tick.

I began my career working in sales, moving into headhunting and recruitment and then into weddings and events. Alongside managing my own wedding business Claire Clarke Weddings, I went onto become an Executive Assistant for the Managing Director for a PPE & Workwear company.

This role allowed me to quickly see that a PA isn’t someone to push papers, a PA is a ‘Manager’ and ‘Right-Hand Person’ to the boss allowing that boss to become the leader they deserve to be. Think of me as a person that can manage your day to day business and provide mechanical and logistical support so you can be the leader you need to be.

Based in Northamptonshire, I work either remotely from my office at home or locally on site if required. My wedding background has given me the skills needed to be approachable, calm and collected and my events experience has allowed for me to manage simultaneous tasks with ease. Communication with customers and clients on a daily basis means these skills are second to none- consider any task, whether it be emails, phone calls, social media or invoicing off your list.

Your business will continue to tick while you focus on those more important tasks.